Friday, April 2, 2010

Surprise Surprise......... DAMNIT!

Welcome to the 1st adventure of the year 2010! I finally got a true 3 day weekend so I decided not to waste it and went Jeeping! I met up with Sam and Josh in Salt Lake and we headed out west to find an old Lime factory called Marblehead. We stopped at Lakeside and put 12 gallons of premium in the yellow beast and began our journey. 40 miles later we stopped to top of the tank and that's where the problems began. It seems I left my new gas cap back in Lakeside. Damnit. I stuffed some paper towels in the hole and figured I would see if the cap was turned in on our way back. We took the exit and headed up the dirt road to where Marblehead was supposed to be. Notice I said supposed. We came upon a construction crew so I asked where it was. They informed me it had been torn down 2 months ago and this was all private property now. Damnit. So, we retraced our steps back to the main road and headed north into the Lakeside mountains. We followed a cow trail more or less till we found a canyon we could go up into and explore. The view from the top was great as the foto shows. This area got hammered by a snow storm Thursday and it was so beautiful. We took some fotos and saw on the GPS that there was a mine on the other side of the range, just down the road so we went down the other side. I went to look at the GPS and couldn't find it.
It was nowhere to be found. DAMNIT! We took some fotos of a stamp mills remains and headed back up the canyon to see if we could find it. No luck. Damnit! We searched all over the trail and it was not to be found. In the foto above you can plainly see it on the hood. Where it fell off is still a mystery. So, since we were in an area I wasn't familiar with, a lack of a guide made further exploration pointless. We headed back down retracing our trail but decided to follow the road up along the mountain and see where it led. It led us to the quarry of lime they had mined and back on to the private property. Instead of risking getting in trouble we turned west and blazed our own trail. This was one hell of a ride. The trail got super sandy and we had to put the pedal to the metal and fly. Josh got some of it on video and maybe if I get a copy I can put it on here. So, we made it back to the freeway and headed back to Lakeside. Low and behold the gas cap was on the pump where I left it. YAY! It was still early so we headed down to Stockton to see how high we could get up the Jacob City trail. It wasn't very far. We hit some deep snow and the Jeep couldn't go any further. Bummer. By then it was time to head for home and call it a day. I lost my GPS but I had a great time. Maybe when my taxes get back I can get another one and head back out to the Lakeside range and finish exploring it! Jeep on my friends!