Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bunny trax and frozen water

 Welcome to the Christmas edition of my writing. As is usual for me and mine, we like to take on adventures for holidays and today is no exception. I have acquaintances that own large tracks of land in western Box Elder county so I had asked one gentleman about a certain road that I was sure went through his land. I was right and today we chose to drive his property just for the hell of it. We did that in record time, kinda boring, then we headed out west to Locomotive Springs. This area was a stop on the Central Pacific's rail line due to the fresh water spring. There have been buildings just beyond the spring I had never visited, so today was the day. Above is what I am sure is forge building of some type. It has a dirt floor and a huge chimney with a type of spark resistant cover on it.  
This other building appeared to be some type of office. It actually had carpet at one time and paneling on the walls. I honestly cannot say if these buildings were up when the trains were going by. There are 2 box cars on the grounds, but they are not of the age to be part of the era of trains from the late 1800's. This route was finished for the most part in 1904, I believe. At that time, they moved the line to a long-ass bridge across the Great Salt Lake. The rails were left in place till 1942, when they were pulled up and the steel was used to make tanks and planes for world war 2. The rails are gone, but it is an interesting ride to follow the rail bed from Promontory Point out across the desert to Nevada and beyond.  
 For those of you who love the hunt, there were thousands of bunny trax out there at the springs. I like to keep an eye out for things like this just because a great bunny hunt is a great time. So, if you are in th mood to shoot, by all means head out to Locomotive Springs and enjoy it!
I guess I can't talk about the springs without showing you a foto of them. This is where they come up from the ground and make the tiny lake. It goes out beyond sight to be nearly 1/2 mile long. There was ice covering the water, so I threw a rock into the ice and wow...... fish took off everywhere. I know it is stocked during the warmer weather months and these were tiny baby fish so come spring, I bet the fishing will be great. OK, so next holiday is new years and I wont be heading out anywhere..... cuz on Friday the 3rd, we are headed out to Wendover to see 38 Special! But, on Saturday morning, being as we will be so close to Gold Hill, we just might visit it! Happy Holidays and Jeep on my friends!