Sunday, February 12, 2012

Following in the tire tracks!

I guess I should have posted a few weeks ago, but I didn't. You see, Sam decided to ditch the foreign car and get an all American JEEP! She bought herself a 2012 JEEP Unlimited and its NICE! So anyway, we decided to take it out and play today. We headed out to the Devils Playground in the west desert of Utah to test it out and play in the mud and snow. Our first stop was the lower area where the rock formations are wild. As you can see from the foto, they are bizarre! The trail in was quite muddy, but the best was yet to come.
Our next stop was one of the abandoned mines out there. This was a snow bound trail full of excitement. Sam got her first taste of off camber driving in snow on a steep trail where you can't make a mistake. I am proud to say she made it with minimal coaching and made me a proud dad! Due to no flashlight we didn't enter the mine, but we did enjoy the great view from the trail top.
After that we headed off to the southern end of the playground. the trails were snow/mud mix and a blast to drive. We tried to get to the hidden cabin but there was just to much snow on the trail. We headed up some other trails to this little rock pile. I know it's not much, but it was new to her and she conquered it in style! Way to go! I'm betting she will be better then me faster than I want to admit it. We played on the trail till we hit a dead end then headed out to explore new trails.
Our last trail of the day was a simple dirt road. Nothing exciting, we thought, till we got to the end. We found ourselves a new mine to explore. I actually didn't see the mine entrance due to the snow and steepness of the trail, but we found the base area and all of it's junk. No telling how long it has been abandoned but it seemed to be an efficient operation. There was a shaker table and various other things left there including an old front load tractor. It would be fun to fix it just to play with it. Be one hell of a great toy to have. Anyway, we finished the trip on that note and headed home. It was an awesome day. Hopefully we can continue our trips this year and explore all the back roads of the west. YOU DID GREAT SAM! JEEP on my friends!