Sunday, July 26, 2009

Puppy Dog upSize

Hi again! Just thought I would up size or update you guys and gals on the snack cake kids. I now use Sam's old day bed for a couch because its bigger, and the kids have already taken it over. This foto makes me laugh because the air conditioner is aimed right at the couch and they lie there and sleep. Twinkie loves to lay there on her back like the dog in the Sprite commercial. I just have to laugh. Zinger is taking after Dazee. Even tho she is too small to do it, she loves to try to look out the front door window. I give her another 6 weeks and she will be able to do it. They both still have the teenager listening problem. Sometimes they come when called, other times they ignore me. But, they are getting better. They are also following in Dazee's steps by teasing the neighbors yappy little mutts. They love to run over to her fence and run up and down it showing them that they are free to play and her dogs are not. Ya gotta love it. Any way, not a lot going on. Due to some financial setbacks the Jeeping has tapered off to nothing, but it's OK. Its been too hot to go out and enjoy it anyway. Oh well, enough said. Enjoy life my friends and don't forget to take time to smell the roses....... JEEP ON!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Sunday drive with the family, on Sunday!

Hello again! I should have wrote this yesterday, but, we got home too late and I decided sleep was more important than telling you what we did. We left the home front at 6pm and headed out to show Josh the Spiral Jetty. I had an idea the water would be very close to the jetty and I was right. We watched a storm come in and didn't get any rain out of it but we got a very beautiful rainbow. Kinda cool huh? Even though it was 90, the wind made it quite nice. There was even a lightning fire sparked on the end of the Promontory range. I find it weird that there was lightning and we didn't even have any rain or hear any thunder.
We all sat at the edge of the jetty and talked and laughed. Josh thought the jetty was cool and it was really nice to see water near it. When we first got there, there was a man from New York with a very nice camera taking fotos of the jetty. We sat and talked about the history of the area and he was impressed with what we told him. As soon as he left , we had the whole place to ourselves. And there were no bugs either..... it was perfect. Perfect weather and perfect company, it don't get no better!
The clouds were covering most of the sky and I really liked some of the formations I saw. I liked this one and one other but I chose to show you this one. All we need now is for the water to cover it again so it will return to the salty white color that looks so great against the blue water. It was an awesome day, but then again, all days when we are all together like this are great! Next adventure? who knows! I am hoping for the Boston Terrace trip but like I said, who knows? Jeep on my friends!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Birthday week!

Hi and welcome to another adventure......well, 2 actually. I took Wednesday and Thursday and Friday off to celebrate my two favorite ladies birthdays. Laura's was Tuesday and and Sam's was Friday. I had some unfinished business to work on Wednesday and Thursday but Friday the fun began. Sam wanted to go Jeeping so off we went to the mountains. We headed out to the mountains east of Logan and began our adventure. We headed up right hand fork and began to explore. Our first stop was Old Ephraim's grave site. Before we got there the Jeep found a mud hole and had to go through it. It had no problem doing it and covered everyone, well, everyone in the back seat! HA HA HA HA HA.......

We took a group foto and there it is. That is Josh, Sam, and Laura. Why am I missing...... cuz I am the fotographer! Woo Hoo!
After the foto, we continued on and ended up at Bear Lake to consume fresh raspberry shakes. They are sooooooo good! The place was packed so we exited out and headed to Beaver Canyon. We went up the canyon, saw the plane wreck site and headed out on a new road to see where it went. Did I mention we found snow? Yup, still some spots with snow. Go figure. The road we followed actually led us to Franklin Basin so we made a circle! We headed down Logan Canyon and bought an ice cream cake for dinner. We broiled some buffalo burgers on our new grill and then had the cake! It was great. I love a great burger!
Saturday morning dawned and it was time for a new birthday adventure. I have a friend who owns a few horses, so I begged her for a small favor. 10, the good friend she is agreed and woo hoo we had a good old horseback ride for the birthday girls. Myself and Josh sat on the porch in retirement rockers and enjoyed the moment. Her porch is sooooo awesome. I could have sat there for hours. Oh wait, I did! Anyway, the girls had fun and enjoyed themselves so it all turned out great! Thanks 10! The rest of the day was spent relaxing until dark then we headed out to Brigham City to watch the fireworks. All in all it was great weekend. Hopefully I have another great weekend planned next week. I hope it all works out....... it has to do with Boston Terrace....... until then, jeep on!