Sunday, May 8, 2011

Damn the tree hugging Subaru drivers!

Happy Mothers day to all you mothers out there and welcome to adventure number 2 of the year. After a beautiful 75 degree day yesterday, today dawned cool and rainy. But, as you all know, I never let a little rain get in the way of an adventure. The original plan was Gold Hill, then Boston Terrace, but due to circumstances beyond my control, we ended up out at the Spiral Jetty. I had heard rumors that the general public, you know them, the Subaru drivers, had complained that access to the Jetty was not made for cars. You could drive out and get to maybe a mile away and hike the rest. Not any more. The government, not sure whether it is state or federal, decided to make it a trail even mini vans could drive. So, like the majority of the trails up Logan canyon, anything can drive out to the Jetty. Assholes! I can think of quite a few projects the money could have been better spent on. Oh well, what do I know? As you can see, with all the rain and snow we have been getting the Jetty is now surrounded by water. I am betting that by the end of June, it will be covered again. I personally cant wait. It is sooooo much prettier covered in salt then it is as the black rock it is.

Years ago, some company decided to look for oil and drilled out there by the Jetty. They built a few dikes and some access roads out into the lake and generally made a mess. I can't tell you what these pilings were for, but they are still there rotting away in the salty environment. They are interesting to look at but that's about it. Just to the south you can see where they poured some type of tar mixture into the lake. What makes it cool is that there are things stuck into the mess. It almost appears, to me, that in the hot summer months, the stuff will actually melt. Case in point is a bottle stuck in it. It couldn't have been there since they dumped it. Someone would have had to come along and seen it and smashed it. Just my opinion.

Anyway, on the way back, we ran across the semi-wild herd of horses that lives out there. It was kinda cool that they were so close to the road. As you can see, they added 2 new members to the herd. They weren't very friendly and began to head away from us when we stopped to take the foto. The fotos are not very good this time cuz all I took was my cell phone. Didn't want to get the good cameras wet. Well, enough for this time. Jeep on my friends!