Sunday, August 11, 2013

A trip to Providence

 Saturday afternoon found us once again at the base of the mountain in Providence Utah. I say once again because a week prior had found us in the same spot. The canyon had been closed for some time and I had decided that they had closed it to make it another Subaru trail. It seemed that was true. We arrived at the water fall on a Subaru trail. Life was good. The foto does nothing for the actual beauty of the falls, but I tried. As we left the falls and headed up the trail, my mind was soon changed. We had ourselves a good old, ass kickin'. rock crawling trail.  It was 4-lo from the get-go and hold on tight time. The rocks were big and very loose so we slipped and slid our way to the top. Well, being dumb, I had left the cameras at home so we couldn't document our trip. So, we did our re-visit yesterday with both the gopro and the picture camera. I only took 4 fotos  because the gopro was running the whole time. So, at the end, I will add the addy so you can see how it really was.
 The first trip up, we went over to Logan peak and then down through right hand fork. Yesterday, I decided to make it interesting and we came down through Millville canyon. It's a lovely canyon with it's own personality. The trail is steep and very narrow in spots. As you get about half way down, the above sign shows up. It is kind of ironic that they don't put one at the top of the trail. Oh well, it wasn't a big deal. Old Yellow had no problems with either trail.  

The views from the top of all these canyons are incredible. You can see forever from the tops of the mountains and it is so breathtaking. I guess most people would rather look online or in magazines to see these views. As for me and my better half, we would rather see them up close and personal. It's really rather nice that people don't want to see them up close: it leaves more room on the trails for us......
Jeep on my friends!