Monday, May 26, 2014

Dead ends on Memorial Day

 Welcome to another off road adventure in Old Yellow. Being Memorial day, I actually had a day off with nothing better to do than Jeep. Today we headed off to the trails between Willard Peak and Avon Canyon. This trail has it all. We had some mud flinging and some serious rock crawling throughout the day. Our intentions were to go from one side to the other, but, in the governments infinite wisdom, the last canyon closest to the Avon trail had been blocked off to full size vehicles. Stupid Bastards! At least you think they could put up a sign or something. Dead end number 1.
 On the return trip back, we ran into Bambi's mom. She was kind enough to pose for us, then scampered off into the wood to enjoy her lunch. We actually saw 5 deer today. It was kinda cool. We did a pre-run of this trail a week ago, and we saw no deer, just a lone wolf. He or she was much to quick for me to get out my phone and snap a foto of him. I decided to skip the nice camera today and use the new Galaxy S 5 camera. It did ok, I am not that impressed with it. I didn't video this trip either. I am glad I didn't cuz I would have been cleaning it every 5 minutes. This trail is nice because it combines all the things that make for a great trip. It has some gnarly hill climbs over watermelon sized rocks as well as mud holes galore. There were a few I wouldn't go into due to the fact I only saw 2 other full size vehicles the whole day. Nothing stupider than getting stuck while you are alone.  
As you can see, everywhere was green or white. With all the spring snow and rain we have had, the sites were spectacular. The mountain in the background is Mt Ben Lomand, I think. I am 90% sure so we will say it is. We tried the Willard Peak trail last week and got cut off by the snow. Today's trail didn't have any snow, but run off from the melting snow made for some sweet mud. Luckily I left the doors on so most of the cleaning is still on the outside. I'll get around to cleaning it someday. Well my friends, thus ends another fun adventure. Keep yourself together, keep everybody warm, and always remember to keep riding  the storm out........Jeep on my friends!