Monday, February 13, 2017

Spring Flooding 2017, part 1?

 Welcome to a new blog and a new year. This years Jeeping activities will be beginning later than usual due to an excessive amount of snow here in northern Utah. For the most part, our area up in Box Elder County usually doesn't get a high amount of snow. Well, at least not in the last 20 years or more. This year seems to be the year of exception. We have received more snow this year than the rest of the state. I traveled to Salt Lake this past weekend and the ground is bare. As you can see, my yard still has a ton of snow left even though it has been raining. With the warmer temps that come with rain, the snow is melting and this vast amount of water has nowhere to go. Thus the title, Spring Flooding. I did add the question mark because its only February. According to the weather people, our biggest snowfall months are February and March, so this could only be the beginning. 
 This foto shows the newest lake in Tremonton. The Malad River is usually a quiet little body of water just barely bigger than a stream. Not this week. As you can see, it has gone over the banks and turned this field that usually has horses in it to a small lake. 
 Over the hill in Cache Valley, the Little Bear River is over flowing too. I know the fotos are not my best work but if you look closely, you can see the docks and parking area are under water here too. Plus, look at the mountains in the background. They still are covered in snow that has to melt. I am thinking there will be a part 2.
 The Little Bear feed into the Bear River and it they meet at Cutler Dam. With so much water already the officials have opened up the spillway to ease the pressure on the dam. There have been some washouts so going back into the area is now prohibited. Rumor has it that even some parts of the Union Pacific tracks have been victimized by the water and caused some major problems. On the trip to Salt Lake I did notice that there were a lot of trains on the lines stopped not going anywhere. 
Downstream from the dam the Bear is flooding over its banks. This is just like Lake Tremonton. The valley has the Bear running through it, but good luck in finding the river or the valley under this water. There is a small local playhouse located in this valley and from what I could see, its damn near flooded itself. Besides the areas around the rivers, many houses in town are starting to get water in their basements. The last I heard was only 2 stores had any pumps left to sell, kinda like a month ago when you couldn't find a snowblower to save your life. I am hoping that this is only a one part story but only time will tell. I do know this though, I am tired of winter and I really want to get out and continue exploring the roads no one travels. Jeep on my friends.