Saturday, April 30, 2011

'Bout damn time!

2011 has been here for almost 4 months, and I finally made it out to the hills. There is an interesting thing that is happening at the moment, it seems that winter refuses to let go and cede the game to spring. I read online today that Alta, a local ski resort, still has 200 inches of snow on the ground. What the hell? So, I decided to head to the hills and Jeep the darkside and see how high up the mountain I could go. I headed out to the Oquirrh mountains and decided to try Dry canyon. Its not a difficult trail but it does take patience. I got up about 1/2 mile before I ran into boulders blocking the trail. I moved a few but then they got bigger so I gave up! Oh well, I tried. The above foto is at a mine site and if you look down the canyon across the valley you can see a snow storm out there. Yes, it snowed off and on all day.

In the valley below the canyon a few mine relics still can be found. This one has been around a long time and its still in ok condition. Who knows how much ore passed thru the chute during its lifetime?

Last stop was up Ophir canyon and the trails that are up there. First one taken was snowed in after maybe 500 yards. The second one faces west so it was open a lot further up but its your typical atv trail so I finally picked a spot where I could turn around and headed back down. Ophir seems to be gearing up for some type of tourist place. I'm seeing things I haven't seen before and this building above appears to be the old school . I peeked in the windows and they are restoring it to its glory from years gone by. Ophir is a town where you have 100+ year old homes next to modern ....... dare I say mansions? One owner is trying to sell a newer house and is dropping the price $1000 every week. Not a bad looking house.......but my hell..... the price for this week.... $299,950.00. Its nice, but not that nice. Plus its on the wrong side of the road. A lot of the houses on the north and extreme south side have their own personal mines they can play in if they choose. Now, if I could afford one of those homes, I'd buy it in a minute. Off I go.... Jeep on my friends.