Saturday, October 31, 2015

3 down, 1 to go, or how to score what you need!

 So, who would have thought that on October, 31st, Halloween day, you could go out into the mountains and have a great warm day? Well, today was just like that and off to the mountains we went. Our goal today was to visit the 3rd marker of 4 that show the 3 state boundaries where they meet. Today's was Idaho, Utah and Nevada. I spent a few hours online trying to pinpoint the exact way to get there and I thought I was prepared. Sadly, I was not, but that's for later. 
 As you can see by the fotos, we did indeed arrive at our destination. The Utah, Wyoming Idaho was a breeze to find compared to this one. But again, that's for later. This one was located on flat ground and really didn't require too much skill to get to. The road was very rough and had some hellacious high weeds to go through, but other than that it was easy.
 The monument here was erected in 1999 to replace an old one. I find it odd that it was square, which doesn't make sense because there are only 3 borders that touch. Must be some sort of government thing. 
 This one features something the others didn't have. As you can see there is a bronze map coin, for lack of a better word, that graces the top and shows you where you are. Rumor has it that at one time there were the 3 states quarters embedded around the monument itself, but someone keeps stealing them. Stupid people. 
 For those of you that know me very well, this foto is self-explanatory. As I said, 3 down, 1 more to go. 
So, to go back and finish the loose ends I left above, lets go back to how we found this marker. As I said, I spent a few hours on Google Earth and Maps so that I would be able to drive right to it. I was wrong. The road I was to follow was indeed where it said it was, it just didn't tell me I would have to cut across a farmers property to get there. As we were trying to figure out where the road was, this gentleman above happened by with his 3 dogs as passengers. I asked him how to get to the road on the map I showed him and he said there was only 1 way.....across his property. I said, oh. But, not only did he say he would let us through, he took us 1/4 of the way. He could have told us he didn't know or said yes but it is private, but he didn't. He was nice as nice could be and just asked that we close the gates we would go through. I am glad he was so nice to us. We made our destination in an easy way and accomplished our goals. I must admit that there is a whole lot of unexplored land out that way that needs to be seen. The GPS unit showed several mines within the area that I think need to be visited. I think I am going to do it!  Jeep on my friends!