Monday, August 1, 2011

Deja vu or I almost did it again!

Deja vu was running thru my mind as this adventure progressed thru the day, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We left the house bright and early and headed south to lake point to meet up with Sam and Bob. We met at McDonald's and chowed down on some great food (yes I love it) and then continued on south to the Tintic mining district. Today's trip was a completely new one. This area we were headed to was virgin territory for us, so we had high hopes on finding some new things. The GPS indicated we were in the mine area so we began to explore. Our first find was this mining camp with the stone cabin. Tho it is falling apart , you can still see it had some quality workmanship in its design. Easily 100 years old you could still use it to get out of a storm if you had to. As usual, the trails were ATV in size, but you know me.... who cares!

Besides the mines, we also had a goal of finding the infamous Chicken Rock of Utah. The GPS showed us the way and there is it. Now why in the hell it is called Chicken Rock I cannot say. I saw one area that could have looked like a chicken head, but who knows. I have to admit that I am a wee bit baffled. Its here that the deja vu took place. On the left side of the foto is a trail that goes right to the base of it. Its not a very nice trail so I don't recommend this one to any one unless you have an ATV. The foto is taken from the eastern trail which isn't much better but you can get a jeep up it fairly easy. On the top of the trail, we got out, looked around, took fotos, used the GPS to see where to go next and this is where we had our deja vu. We headed down the mountain and got back to Bob's truck when I realized I didn't have the GPS. Sound familiar? Yes I had sat in on the jeep AGAIN, and driven off. Damn it! This is getting to be a bad habit. So, we flipped a u-turn and headed back up the trail. I had figured it would be found on the top where we had stopped. Wrong! As we headed up the steep part of the trail, I just happened to have my head out of the Jeep and wow....... I spotted it. Talk about a lucky find. I wouldn't have guessed it would have made it that far down the trail. YAY! I don't have to buy another one. The sky was turning black by now so we headed out of the new area and decided to go over to Eureka and search for bottles in the mine dump I had discovered. As we headed up the trail to the dump, it started to rain really hard. We found a part of the trail where the trees hang over and stopped and ate lunch. The rain let up after a while so we continued on to the dump. It is a little late in the season to find anything but we looked anyways. No luck today on finds. Found a ton of broken ones but nothing to write about. Laura did find a suspender clip that we have dated to the early 1900's. Its in great shape and kind of a cool find. I found some beautiful pieces of broken glass that I wish I could have found complete. Love the purple bottles that used to be common in America.
The last 2 fotos are shots of friends we found along the way. The lizard shot was tough because he blended in so well with the wood. The baby bunny on the other hand stood nice and still for the foto and we thanked him by tossing him some food...... which scared him and he ran away. We also saw tons of deer, none of which would stand still long enough to be fotographed. Damn them. oh well. The trip was great and I will have to return some day so I can discover more secrets of the area. Until then my friends......... Jeep on!