Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hi and welcome to my latest adventure. It seems that this new year is starting out like last year ended. Today I met my deductible for my health insurance in all of about 3 minutes. My back has been bothering me again in the area of my kidney so the Dr ordered another cat scan to see what the hells going on. He needs to know why there is pain and if anything else is going on that shouldn't be. As you recall, the last cat scan I had ended with me being called to the emergency room to be examined for a bad appendix.... which came out the next day. So I am sitting here waiting for the phone call. It's really sad that it's only the 29Th and already my deductible has been met. Oh well, lets hope this is it for the year. I do believe that after 2008, I could use a year that is free from visits to the hospital. Speaking of health issues, I have been trying something new for control of the dreaded diabetes. You all know the chia pets? My cousin told me about taking the seeds in water 3 times a day for help in keeping your blood sugars under control. Well it seems to be working. Over the last 2 weeks my sugars have been in the normal non-diabetes range. Cool huh? And, to top it off, it also helps you lose weight. I am down 15 pounds and I aint gonna stop till I am where I should be. So, thats todays adventure. I know it aint much but its all the adventure I have had. If it would warm up and the snow and ice would melt, I would get out in the Jeep and play. Well enough for tonite...... until my next post.... ciao!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A full moon!

It's Friday night and the moon is full. Well, it looks full to me so that's my story and I am sticking to it. Back in the good old days I used to look forward to the full moon. It seems that rabbit hunting the next day was always incredible. Jim and I used to have contests to see which one of us would slay the most bunnies. Now I know that sounds bad and it probably was, but what the hell! That's what we used to do and we enjoyed every outing. Fact is, one of our hunts was filmed by myself for shits and giggles and its really a funny "movie". It stars Jim, myself and Frog. We were out in the west desert at the north end of the Great Salt Lake and it was quite a day. The highlight was Frog chasing one bunny for 20 minutes and actually losing his rifle in the process. I wont say anymore but if you ever catch me and want to see a funny video, just ask. You will either laugh your ass off or be offended as hell. Anyway, Dazee is doing better. She seems to be back to her old self again. I tell ya, there is nothing harder than trying to get a stubborn dog to take pills. She got wise towards the end. She would hold them in her mouth and then spit them out when I wasn't looking. I finally figured out that if I stuck them in her food, she wouldn't notice and eat them. Anyway, tomorrow is supposed to be snow free and semi nice so I might sneak out and see if I can find mud and snow or any combination of the two to play in. I need to get out and Jeep. It's hard to do in the winter but I will get out. I need the fix. Besides, ya never know, I might see something cool and then I can write another blog to entertain you. I do have one complaint about you readers..... if your gonna make a comment, have the nuts to put your name on it. No one has said anything bad but feel free to disagree. I don't mind. But, use your name..... you all know who I am... I want to know who you are!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hi there.... welcome to 2009! The year started off great with the University of Utah spanking the Alabama football team in what some of us call a scalping. Utah started off quickly and scored on the first 3 possessions and never looked back! Alabama finally settled down and made a small run for it but to no avail, we won! YIPPEE! So, in my opinion, after finishing 13-0 Utah is the #1 team in America so HA! For those of you following this, Dazee is doing better. She has shown steady improvement and is slowly returning to the obnoxious crazy dog she is! Lets just hope she stays well. Hell, for that matter, lets hope I do too.I am tired of doctors and hospitals. Last year was not the best and in fact it was probably the worst year ever for health. I did resolve to take better care of the diabetes this year. I believe that it is the main cause for the healing problems I have had. That said, I plan to keep it under control and have a better year! Anyway, I hope all of you have a great new year and always remember to keep ridin' the storm out.....