Friday, November 2, 2018

Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?

 Good evening and welcome to one of my rare political posts. Years ago, I happened to catch a video on Amazon called Atlas Shrugged. Interesting title so I had to watch it. The story was set in a non specific time of the future in an America that had fallen on hard times. The book was written in 1957 and it took them till 2011 to actually make the film so its understandable that there isn't a specific date of the film. Anyway, in this future, the country has begun to turn to a socialistic form of government. The government had begun to seize control of all aspects of society. It is best explained by "you work harder to support your neighbor who doesn't work" type of situation. The story centers on Taggart Transcontinental Railroad. Due to government actions, the railroad was the only feasible method of transportation. Gas was $40.00 a gallon and life was really beginning to suck. Two other businesses were also brought into the story: a steel mill who had invented a new alloy of steel and a oil company. All 3 were basically in bed with each other.  
 As the story progresses, government interference brings down all 3 using socialistic methods of rule making. I am really condensing this but bare with me. The leaders of said industries began to disappear and left notes which didn't make a lot of sense to others. The common line of each note was "who is John Galt?" Besides the leaders of industry, all of the countries smartest people, such as Drs, teachers and inventors were among the disappearing people. No one had a clue to where they had gone. One of the last smart people left got lucky and was able to follow one of the disappeared while they were disappearing. She finds out where they go and has 30 days to decide if she wants to stay or go back. And I am done explaining the movie. The book is 1200 pages so thats next on my reading list. Now lets get to the point of why I am writing about this. 
Considering this was wrote in 1957, you would think that is was written today. Watching the news and seeing how the Democrats want to put everything under government control in a socialistic society, these movies fit in perfect for today. In the book, capitalism is viewed as evil. Men or women using their skills and talents to make themselves money was viewed as evil, like today. In part 2 I believe, the main male character is on trial for violating a trade law. They criticize him for his lust of money. They ask how his love of money helps out society. He replies that there are x number of employees working for him that receive paychecks. The court kinda shot themselves in the foot. Anyway, I recommend that if you're into politics today you watch all 3 movies. Be forewarned, the lead female is played by a different woman in each film. Actually, I really don't think anyone played in more than one film. Plus they add stupid romance scenes in that don't make a lot of sense. But, as to the effectiveness of showing how socialism doesn't work, the films are dead on!  Watch them and tell me what you think. Jeep on my friends!