Monday, November 24, 2008

Free at last!

Ok, I know you are all tired of looking at my wounds, but, I would be willing to bet you ain't as tired of seeing them as I am of having them! Today was stitch removal day. I am now free from being held together by something other than my own skin. My wish now is that it WILL hold together so I am done with all this crap! Knock on wood, cross your fingers, whatever..... let's just hope this is it! Other news in my life..... line 5 is now line 9! We moved this weekend and should be up and running normal by tomorrow morning some time. We no longer will be doing ham, but the yucky salami and pepperoni. Oh, and meatballs. The new Martha Stewart pork lemongrass meatballs are pretty darn good once you figure out what to have them with. They have a sausage taste to them so I baked them then combined them with scrambled eggs, cheese and fried potatoes and made an awesome breakfast burrito! Or skip the tortilla and make them into an omelet. Hmmmmm its almost thanksgiving and that means Christmas is around the corner. Where has time flown too? Hopefully, we will have snow in the mountains and nothing down here in the valley so it will be a good winter. I used to love snow, but with no snowmobile.... forget it! Oh well, I am done..... see ya next time!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is getting sooooooooo old!

OK, I wasn't planning on doing another blog today but it seems that after I got out of the shower I had an accident. I bent over to pick up the bath mat and what happens???? My damn incision blows itself wide open and I am standing there bleeding. What the HELL? So, I went in , got dressed and called the surgeon. His message machine said go to the hospital so off I went. Everyone who knows me knows I am really tired of all this shit happening so I must say I wasn't the best patient in the E R today. I got there and they took a peek at it and called the DR in. In small towns like this on weekends the DR and a lot of the other staff is on call. He got there, looked it over and called my surgeon. They agreed it needed to be stitched so that's what happened. I am the proud owner of 5 new stitches. I sure hope this is it for the year or even better.... for the rest of my life. OK, I am done.... see ya soon!

Tributes to the Jetty master

Hi and welcome to the new blog site. I decided to move my blog due to the fact Yahoo does not support 360 any more. So, welcome to the new blog. When you visit the Jetty, as you walk down the trail to it, you begin to see offerings to the jetty master. People, like myself, build their own little rock formations just for the freakin hell of it. If it is accepted by the Jetty master, you will see it on any return visits. Of course if it isn't....... it will be gone! On yesterdays visit, I again built my own little tribute as I always do. It seems this time the master was not happy with my offering. I hadn't moved up the trail more than 30 feet when the rejection came. I heard a noise and watched my offering fall to the ground. I took this an an omen and got the hell out of there before the master went after me. I guess next time I go I will have to spend more time and be more creative than I was. Oh well, life goes on. I really don't like this blog site but it will have to do. Hopefully I can get used to it and keep the blogs going.... until later.......................