Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3rd...... a special Jeep day

Welcome to another adventure! I really shouldn't have gone today due to some fuel line issues but..... what the hell! When its your daughters birthday and she wants to go.... you go! We headed up the public access or as I like to call it the back door to La Plata. With all the snow this year I had my doubts as to whether we would make it, but we had to try. The trail was in bad shape from the get go but the Jeep and the Dodge didn't have any problems............yet.
As you can see, there is still snow where the sun shines all day so I knew we were in for an adventure. All the mud holes were passable till we got to the 2ND to the last set. This is a year round spring and with all the melting snow , it was not looking good. The trail is barely wide enough due to the thick trees and the mud holes were deep. I was leading and started into it about 40 yards when we went around the corner and saw it was impassable. We slammed on the brakes, did a quick oh shit, and slammed it into reverse. The little yellow Jeep powered thru the goo and we made it back to dry land. As we set there talking, we discovered another huge problem. We were attacked by the biggest damn mosquitoes I have seen. The talk ended very quick and we headed out of the area and back down the mountain. No snow for us today.
Bob had blasted this on the way up and had to do it again on the way down. I sooooo wanted to but with open lines to my gas tank I chose not to, this time. Good news is the parts are ordered and will be here next week so I'll be ready to try it myself soon. As I have said before, gotta love a daughter who loves to Jeep. We had a blast and I hope this becomes a tradition. Happy birthday Sam.... you are the greatest! Jeep on my friends!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New beginings

well I am finaly back on track. My old Dell took a huge shit and I lost everything. All my music and fotos are history. Talk about sucking the proverbial donkey dick. So all my posts now will all be made from my new laptop. There are no fotos to post today due to the fact I have none. I will over come this snafu and we will move forward. So, until my next adventure.....Jeep on!