Saturday, December 26, 2009

It dont hurt, it itches!

I know I know, you are tired of my grossed out fotos but tough, you get to enjoy them like I am! Wait, am I enjoying this? I don't think so. Fact is, it kind of sucks! It's Saturday and the color keeps getting worse and it really itches like hell. So, since I am such a nice guy, I am sharing with you! There really isn't much pain but the itch is driving me crazy. Other than that, the recovery has been going well and I really can't complain. Other than being bored to death this isn't too bad. So, yah, not a lot to write today. Enjoy the foto and realize I'm looking forward to next year and more adventure! Jeep on my friends!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My newest scar!

Good afternoon! I just got out of surgery about 3 hours ago and I figured I would write why it's all still fresh in my stoned mind. I got to the hospital at 7:30 this morning and all was going well till they took my blood oxygen level. It seems that my pneumonia is still hanging around. The 1st reading was 90 which is not very good. They decided to consult with my surgeon and see what he thought before they continued. He came in and I explained to him that it jumps all over. So he listened to my lungs and did the test again and I passed. Woooo Hooo! The nurse came back in and continued to get me ready. I got my IV in and was ready to go. They wheeled me in to the room and the adventure began. I did notice that the room was freezing.... and no music was playing. Most of my surgeries have had some great tunes on to help the patient, me, relax. Not so today. They transferred me to the operating table and strapped me down....... my legs and both arms. Some time during this, the Dr snuck in the shot. I commented on it and he said good night. That was all I remembered till I heard the nurse saying you're back. I don't remember the trip back to the room very well but I made it and slowly started to wake up. They gave me Graham crackers and Dr Pepper and then 2 percocet. They told me I could go when I got dressed so I began that adventure. Yah, getting dressed stoned, in pain, is an adventure in itself. But, I finally made it and I got to go home. I am very sore and I am betting its only going to get worse. I am swollen and it hurts. Can't wait till I get more pills.! Anyway, the foto isn't from today, but it does show a tiny bit of the mesh that they put in me. This foto came from when he took out my appendix. Well, I am tired and I think I will go watch boring daytime TV. Jeep on my friends!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow Dogs

Hi there! I know, you have all been wondering where the hell I have been, but I'm back now for a brief post on the last little while. Due to some financial setbacks I have put off any fun trips till the current crisis decides to end. Plus, I have had pneumonia for the last 3 weeks and haven't worked. Sux to be me. But, that's not the best of it. I was coughing so damn hard that I gave myself what is called an incision hernia. Where the Dr. cut me open to remove my appendix, the area around it isn't as strong anymore so when I coughed it ripped and now I have a nice bulge that needs to be fixed. Oh well. The weather has been crazy this year. We had some very cold temperatures this past week. It was below 0 a number of times. I actually had to use my wood burning stove to help my furnace out. But, we are saved from the cold now........ it snowed! We have gotten over 12" the last 24 hours. This was the first real snow the kids have actually seen and they love it.
They had a blast out front running and jumping through it. But like typical sisters, it turned into a fight. If you look close above, you can see Twinkie with her teeth bared. It was fun to listen to their jaws snapping closed as they basically tried to kill each other. I guess the cold doesn't bother them too much because during the time outs they just laid down in it and relaxed. As you can see, they are getting big. I don't know how much they weigh but they have to be pushing 60lbs. They are not as tall as Dazee was yet, but I think it will come. They just hit 10 months old and they are still crazy puppy dogs. Well, enough for now. I imagine my next post will be fotos from my surgery so stay tuned! Jeep on my friends!