Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Day at the Fair.....2014

 Welcome to the highlight of my summer. Needless to say, it hasn't been the greatest of summers for fun. And no, I wont say anymore. Above you can see Mr. Piggy and his friends. They were happy to pose and strut their stuff for the camera. Most of them we saw were stuffy and wouldn't even wake up for a foto op, but these 3 piggies were all about being social. 
 While strolling thru the bird barn, we ran into some very interesting looking entries. The rooster above was crowing up a storm but shut up long enough to have his pic snapped.  
 Opposite the chickens were the pigeons. This dude won my award for the ugliest bird there. Click on his foto and look at the growths on his head. Apparently this is normal for this breed. I say we should have killed them all off before they reproduced. Seriously, this dude is something out of a nightmare.
 Back to the chickens..... This guy has a 1980's hairdo from hell. Again, this could cause nightmares. 
 Speaking of nightmares, this guy is equally as scary. I honestly never knew there were so many breeds of chickens as well as so many ugly ones!
 In the children's art entries, we came across this..... uh...... I have no idea what the hell it is. But, it's good enough to win a first prize ribbon. I'll wait to go there at the end of the blog.
 This quilt was a grand prize winner. I think the moose is awesome and I wouldn't mine owning it. Nothing says happy like a moose!
Last thing we saw before leaving was this other entry in the 6-10 year old category. This was also a first prize winner. Maybe I'll enter some Lego thing I create out of the evil recesses of my mind..... ok I am not a happy camper. I am rather pissed off due to the lack of credible judging. I entered this year with no expectations of winning anything. It was an old foto from years gone past, but some have said they really liked it. What we saw was a joke. Every foto that won with 1 or 2 exceptions were Photoshop'ed. Come on people, let your talent stand out. Don't hide behind your computer and let it do the work for you. I can say I am disappointed in the judges for overlooking this. A true photographer wont use a computer to make up for his or hers lack of skills. All I will say is that if you choose to hide your lack of skill behind a computer, you truly have no balls....... or ovaries, what ever the case may be.  Jeep on my friends!