Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mindless Meanderings

So, here it is, 2018 and February and this is my first entry. I can explain. The truth is that I ain't done nothing exciting. Well, let me rephrase that. As par for the course, I have already been in the Emergency Room. Shocking, isn't it? It appears, tho I did fail the test, that I was nailed by this years flu bug. I had gone in to see what the hell was going on and the Dr put me on an antibiotic and all was supposed to go well. It didn't. Went back in 2 days later and I was sent over to the hospital because my blood oxygen level was like 80. Its either ironically funny or extremely sad when the nurse there knows your name. OK so the foto above is my first Ford.
She escorted me to my usual room there, its a cardiac room and the diagnosis began. They ask you a million questions and begin to insert various objects into your body. For example, she stuck in a butterfly needle into my left hand in preparation for an IV. Then, instead of taking blood work thru that hole already in my body, the phlebotomist proceeded to poke another hole in my right arm. My right arm also had the blood pressure cup on it as well as the oximeter. So, with all this going on, my ability to entertain myself with games on my phone became impossible. I will admit this tho, they have done some upgrades over there and the tv actually had a bunch of channels and a clear picture. Than heavens for that. Above we have my 74 Ford, which was my favorite!

The Dr finally made his way into the room and proceeded to tell me that as sick as I was, I would most likely be spending the night. I was thinking he was right. I have never coughed so much or so hard even when I had pneumonia. And of course with my sternum still in 2 pieces, it hurt like hell. It was early afternoon and I hadn't eaten lunch yet so I asked aloud if it was possible to eat. The guy in my room at this time was taking a chest xray and he said he would ask. The xray was taken and he left. Not 5 minutes later, he came back in carrying a lunch tray with a diet Dr Pepper. This guy is my hero. I know a lot of you out there are thinking OMG he had to eat hospital food. Little secret.... our hospitals food is awesome. People actually go to lunch and dinner there. It really is that good, and inexpensive too. Above we have my 2004 Ranger. 

So, as time is passing and tests are being done, I am sitting in my room eating lunch and watching tv. The Dr keeps sticking his head in saying they are working on getting me a room for the night. His biggest concern which he told me at the end of my visit was that something was going on with my heart. He discussed the results with my insurance company and they both agreed that my heart was fine and that there really was no reason to spend the night. But, I was to be sent home on oxygen. I was ok with this decision. I have spent the night there before and I was glad it wasn't going to happen. Trying to sleep in a hospital bed sucks, at least for me. I was glad I didn't have to do it. So, I get sent home with an oxygen tank that is good for 3 hours. The company affiliated with the tank is a genuine piece of shit and we will leave it with that. They brought me a machine and for the next week it and me were best friends. Its now been 3 weeks and I am finally feeling better. Everyone said this years flu was nasty and deadly and I have to agree with them. As I said, I've had pneumonia a few times but this flu.... It is nasty! Last but not least is my 2005 F-150. Sweet riding vehicle.  Jeep on my friends!