Saturday, September 18, 2010

Can I Bitch?

Good evening and welcome to summers last adventure. Being the last day of going topless I had to go out and Jeep one last time. I have noticed that fall colors are beginning to appear so it was time to go see how far along fall is. OK, I have to admit the top foto wasn't taken today but I like it so ha! It was very dry up Logan canyon and the colors were not very bright. Kinda disappointing. Now, here is where the bitching begins. It seems that our beloved government has decided that all the tree hugging subaru driving assholes have a right to go where only Jeeps and other 4 by 4's have gone before. The Forest Service has begun to make all these roads accessible to everyone. What the hell? I bought my Jeep to use it. Not cruise the mountain byways like Tom, Dick and Harry. I was really bummed. The trip from right hand fork to Old Ephriams grave was rather boring. From there to the Temple Fork road was better, but not much. When we reached the main road that goes from Hardware Ranch to Bear Lake , I swear I was on a freeway.

Next stop on the tour was Bear Lake itself. I was surprised there. The water was way up on the beach from previous years and it looked soooooooooo inviting. Ahhhh, to be rich and be able to afford jet skis. Oh well, we did find some brilliant colors over there. I can't believe it's September 18Th and the colors are already this bright. Something tells me that winter is is coming soon and it's gonna be a hard, cold one. Oh well, what can we do. I guess we can enjoy the colors and sun till it's gone. After Bear Lake it was off to Beaver Creek canyon and some real off roading. The trail isn't hard at all but you wont find soccer mom and her mini van crowding you off the trail. The neat thing about this area is the amount of beaver dams along the creek. They are everywhere. Some are tiny ones 2 feet across while others are huge. One was so big that it was beginning to flood the road.
One had even built his dam in front of the culvert that the road went over. They are funny animals. We followed the road going to Franklin Basin and decided to try a new trail. This was the climax of the day. It was a boulder strewn trail and 4 lo was the way to go. This trail really went no where but the drive made it worth it. All I can say is " Only in a Jeep"! Even had some atv folks watching me negotiate the last 100 yards of the trail. Yah, it was satisfying. Woo hoo! After that trail, we headed to the Franklin Basin turn off and decided to try a new trail. This one was not exciting, but it was beautiful. The trail ended in Idaho outside of Franklin, which is famous for having Idaho's biggest lotto ticket store. After that it was highway all the way home. It was a great day. Well my friends, be prepared for a long cold winter.......... Jeep on!