Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stupid trees suck.......

 Welcome to another adventure! Memorial day has always been a four wheeling day and this years was no exception. We headed south this trip hoping to find left over mud from all the rain we had the last 2 days. What a disappointment. All we got was dust till we hit the 9000 foot level. So not right! But, the rain did manage to get a few cacti blooming. For such an ugly plant the flowers are so pretty.
One of the mines had a little cut out and Samantha fit in just right. Kinda looks like she is in jail. We also went into another mine a ways so I could show everybody the little stalagmites that are growing in the old mines About this time, we headed up an ATV trail and the title of this blog came in to play. I miss judged a part of the trail and after 30 years of wheeling did some major damage to the Jeep. I am not posting a foto on here, but there is one on my facebook page.. It tried to stop me, but I did prevail and made it to the top of the trail! Stupid tree!
On top of the mountain Bob decided to try and go up and over this berm. As you can see it was a no go situation. Oops! Sam and Bob finally got it from its high centered position without having myself pull them off. It was funny!  Sorry Sam, but it was!
To add salt to the wound...... I showed him how it is done.... even with a wounded Jeep! You couldn't have asked for a better day of Jeeping. The sun was out and yes, I did get fried, but it was well worth it. I would love a job that allowed me to do this any time I wanted to. I am heading back to school Monday for the first time since '88. I have decided to do what I have always wanted to do and that is be a nurse. I am excited to do it but I also know it is gonna cut into the Jeeping. Mater of fact, I am going to sell it and in a few years start building another one. Well my friends, be happy  and and Jeep on!