Sunday, April 8, 2012

A tail of 2 JEEPS!

Happy Easter all and welcome to another wonderful adventure! Samantha called last night and said we needed to Jeep and of course I said yes. I got to choose the trail and I chose one I haven't been on since Oct 2002. I figured it was time to go back to Boston Terrace out in the Newfoundland mountain range. This place is like out in the middle of no-where. It is accessible from 2 roads, one from the south and the other from the north. We go in from the north and it is quite a long drive. Sam showed up in a different Jeep this morning. I walked out the door and there it was: a red 2009 JK. It just so happens that her mother has caught the JEEP bug too. Can't say as I blame her...... so, off we went on our version of the Easter Jeep Safari.
The last time out there I was driving my red 95 Wrangler, and tho it did the job, this new yellow one kicks its ass! We started by taking a new trail I didn't try the last time and we came across this old stone house. It is bigger than the other house out there and its about 1/2 a mile away from it around the mountain. It was a fun new discovery for me. It is amazing that over the past 125 years, this thing is still standing. The town was, for lack of a better word, a colony of Swedish miners trying to make their dream come true. They lived out there in BFE and shipped their ore in on the Central Pacific railroad to Ogden where an agent sold it and put the money aside for them. Well, one winter they left and went to Ogden to see where they stood money wise only to find out the agent had taken it all and left them high and dry. They never returned to Boston Terrace and the "city" stayed hidden till the early 50's when it was rediscovered. They found everything like it was when the Swedes left. As of now, I can only account for 2 cabins, though I do believe there could be more
In the last decade, the Wildlife management division of Utah has transplanted numerous desert bighorn sheep out there. Today was my lucky day because I finally got to see one. He looks young but it was just cool to see one. As always, we saw the numerous antelope that roam free out there and a million lizards. The north end of the range is part of the same family of mountains in the Devils Playground. There are so many cool rock formations in the Newfoundlands that you could spend days out there just exploring. Maybe someday I will go out and spend a day or two and see what things I can find.
The trip is damn near 300 miles round trip and the majority of it is on dirt roads. Old yellow got over 18 mpg this trip which was awesome. Sad day for Big Red though. It didn't do well on the mpg. As you can see, it needed to be refueled on the trip back. HA HA HA! Anyway, it was a great day. I got myself a nice little truck driver tan and a ton of cool fotos. Well my friends, its bed time. The 12 hour trip was fun as hell and the new stuff I saw made it great. Take care and Jeep on my friends!