Sunday, September 27, 2015

Return to Jeeping and a new team member joins the group

 Well, it's about damn time I finally added something new here. As most of you know, I did survive the open heart surgery and I'm really doing good. The Dr. in his infinite wisdom added a "NO JEEPING TILL AFTER SEPTEMBER 15TH" on my discharge papers. With it in large capital letters, the better half banned me from the activity until the date had passed. Talk about a long, boring summer! So when the day of freedom arrived, we headed out for an overnight journey to have fun and test some new LED lights I installed. We ended up in the Eureka Utah area and explored  some previously unexplored trails. As you can see, fall is in the air as the trees begun to change to the bright autumn colors. 
 It had rained a wee bit the week before so we were able to find a wee bit of mud here and there. We didn't find a whole lot of things to take fotos of so here are 2 out of 3. Our goal was to see how well the new LED lights lit up the night. I have included a video down below that shows that they are great for slow speed adventures in the night. On the whole, I didn't really like their overall output so I will be ordering a new light bar that will light up the night like the sun. This will necessitate another night time run which really breaks my heart. The trip was overshadowed by the pending birth of our newest member. 
 September 25th at 3:11 pm, Wyatt Cousins joined the MTNMAD group of off road explorations. Mama's water had broken 2 weeks earlier and the medical staff used modern medicine to keep the little guy in the oven and extra 2 weeks so he could develop better lungs. Everything went well and the little guy is now out of the oven and growing. Being born at 34 weeks has made it so he needs to stay in the NICU for a while until he has everything running 100%.
 We went to visit on Saturday and we found him sunning himself under some tanning lights. He has little eye covers and sleeps just snug as a bug as his tan replaces a slight case of Jaundice. He was very quiet while we were there, never crying once. We got to feed him and Sam even combed his hair as you can see 2 fotos up. Bob is already a great father doting over his son. 
As you can see, the proud parents are incredibly happy with this new little guy as are the rest of us. I used to think that becoming a grandparent would make me feel old as hell, but it actually has done the opposite. The damn surgery kicked my ass from point A to point B and left me feeling well over my 51 years. Being around Wyatt made me feel really good and forget that I am old and worn out. Stay tuned, because I am sure there will be many more entries starring this young man. Well the video is below so enjoy it and Jeep on my friends!