Sunday, September 27, 2009

6 Counties, 1 day !

Hi there and welcome to yet another addition of my adventures in life. The title pretty much says it all. I did in fact visit 6 of Utah's counties yesterday. It began with my leaving home and heading to salt lake..... I pass thru 4 counties just to do that. I picked up L and her mother and we headed south again to yet another county. There we saw her grand daughter baptized and went to a bar-b-cue after. Once that was over we decided to take the long way home. This time we headed west and into county # 6. Damn, I drive way too much. We followed the road to Ophir and headed up the canyon.
I think I have told you Ophir is an old mining town that's still got a few full time residents. Along with 100 year old mining cabins, it has a few modern mansions there. We passed thru quickly and headed up the canyon. I took them to the end of the main road then we back tracked to the trail I couldn't finish last spring because of the snow and mud. We headed up the dry trail and began to explore the unknown. I'd say we went 4 miles up and came to a nice meadow and stopped for a break. The view was incredible. The reds and oranges and yellows were all over the mountain. The fotos just don't do it justice. It is just something you have to see live! By this time it was getting late and the sun was headed down so we did the same..... headed back to the canyon floor. We didn't see much wildlife except a few chipmunks and a few stray moo cows. I think the deer were hiding due to the fact it is hunting season here. But, the adventure wasn't over yet.
For as many years as I have been coming to Ophir I have never stopped at the cemetery. L wanted to so today we did. I had figured it was an old mining graveyard but I was wrong. It is actually a modern one and quite small and unique. As you can see, the tomb stones are beautiful and the site itself is interesting. Most of the burial sites have solar powered lights of some sort around or near each grave. There are also tons of nick knacks placed near them too. I found it very interesting to walk thru. Anyway, after the graveyard , we headed down to the main road and found all the deer. There is a farm at the mouth of the canyon and 9 times out of every 10 visits there are deer and wild turkeys in his field. Tonight was no exception. There was a nice herd of mule deer feeding on his crops. I didn't get a foto because my camera was put away by then but oh well, I saw them! Rumour has it that the mountains are getting snow Tuesday night. I sure hope not. I am not done Jeeping this year. So, as usual, stay tuned for more adventures. I still want to get to Boston Terrace this year. Jeep on my friends!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dust and a new friend

Welcome to another adventure ! Saturday was almost a perfect day to Jeep. What would have made it perfect you ask? Well, it could have been longer. It seems that there is never enough time to go out and Jeep till you feel completely satisfied. But that's all part of life I suppose. The day started late due to obligations here at the house: laundry, cleaning, you know, stuff you hate to do but have to do any way. I headed up Logan canyon and took right hand fork and then the trail to Mt Logan. I had hoped the rain would have kept the trail a little moist it didn't. It was dusty as hell! Before I knew it, everything, including me was covered in dust. Nasty , yucky stuff..... but a part of the Jeeping lifestyle. The above foto is an unidentified bird that was huge. My guess is Turkey Vulture, but what do I know? Anyone have a clue?

The view from the 1st mountain you have to go over to get to to the real Mt Logan is as far as I made it. You still have a great view of the world and its so nice up there. This is a foto of the mountains looking to the southeast. The clouds were boiling up getting ready for an evening of rain. I just wish it would have rained why I was up there. It would have cut down on the dust. But, even with the dust, the trip was a blast. Gotta love any time you can get out of the city and play in the Woods!

While parked on the peak, I wandered thru the trees and met my new friend. This is Bill, but I call him William. He was going to every pine cone on the this branch and getting the pine nuts out and eating them. If I recall, they can store a whole bunch in their mouth and take them back to where they live. He was having fun and even posed for a few fotos. What a nice guy. On another note, Fall is coming. The trees have begun to change colors up there. Looks like we will soon be facing colder weather and the dreaded snow. I know I am not ready for it. Well, that's it. Enjoy your day and don't forget to Jeep on!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Sunday drive in the park........

I know it's no where near Sunday but what the hell, it's the thought that counts right? Anyway, we headed up Blacksmith Fork canyon Sunday afternoon with the intent to see if all the people who said you can't go past the spring falls to the main road were right. The road in to the falls was quite lonely and we really only saw like 4 atvs heading into the mountains. Most of the traffic was headed out. We came to the turnoff and headed into the canyon of the falls. I will say it again that I am really pissed off that the Forrest Service changed the trail and took out the water crossings. We arrived at the falls and didn't even stop. The atv riders looked at us like we were crazy and we probably are...... The trail wasn't very bad at all and we followed it for quite a few miles. We came to a very beautiful spot and I decided to stop and take some fotos........ and sure as shit, the battery was dead on my camera. I have the worst luck. From now on I vow to check out the battery before I go anywhere. Sam had her film camera so we snapped a few fotos and moved on. The trail was still fairly good and I began to doubt the naysayers. The further along we got the narrower the trail got but you know me, it didn't faze me 1 bit. There was even a point where a high flowing spring was flowing off the mountain and onto the trail..... finally some mud! The river had also got closer as the canyon narrowed and we began to see all sorts of beaver dams and fish all over. It's like no one must ever fish there. Well, the trail got really narrow and we rounded the bend and there it was..... the rock slide. We had to stop and get out to see how tough it would be....... and being a solo vehicle, I made the decision to turn back. I will return one day and try my luck at it.... that I promise. Just as we turned around, a full size truck came around the bend and got the surprise too. He barely squeezed by us and how he got turned around I'll never know cuz we split! I thought I had scratched the Jeep but his truck looked like shit. I think he was trying to impress his date. Anyway, we headed back, stopped at the falls and played in the water and headed for home. It was a great day and as I said, I will return. Jeep on my friends!