Thursday, December 25, 2014

A day of interesting events

 Welcome to our Christmas day. As with most Christmas mornings, presents were unwrapped and then everyone just zoned out. We got Noah a new camera for Christmas due to his taking a foto class at school, and he has an assignment due. We decided to help him out and go take fotos. We ended up at the Spiral Jetty and we got a surprise. If you look closely at the foto above you can see the wild horses up on top of the hill. I have been going out there since it was rediscovered in 2001. I have only seen them 3 or 4 times and they are very wary of humans. 
I didn't think twice about them and took this awesome foto of my Jeep and the Jetty. No, I don't get tired of taking fotos of the Jeep..... it's a Jeep thing you know. So while I was doing that, Noah had headed up the hill to take close up fotos of the horses. I watched him for a few then jumped in Old Yellow cuz I was cold. We lost sight of him and figured they had ate him or something like that. What followed was amazing. I tried to down load the video in here, but it said it was too big.... Yah, right! OK, so I did up load it to YOU TUBE so I will try and insert a link to it.  What you will see is crazy. I have never seen anything like it. If by chance the link doesn't work, I believe that there are links to my channel on previous blogs.  The last interesting event took place back here at the house. I was browsing through Facebook and came across a post from a friend. It was about a little guy who had passed away from cancer today. I went in and read some of the story and got a very quick attitude change. I had been feeling not Christmasy the last few days. I had no reason for this but it just was there. After reading this story and taking in what this family had gone through, especially today, I began to realize that my attitude really sucked. I had no reason to be down. What this poor family had and are going through was the worse possible thing ever! To lose a child on Christmas day would be.......... unimaginable. I am still somewhat devastated by it. I'll stop now.