Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I am Really bored

 The title says it all. This being unemployed is a pain in the ass. I thought I had landed the perfect job; said he would call me the next morning to tell when I would start. It didn't happen. Yah, I'm kinda depressed about it. I have an idea why, but I wont mention it out loud. If it is true, I hope Karma strikes with a vengeance. I did do all the qualifying work to become a substitute teacher, but it is slow. There was one day I could have and it was that next day mentioned above. Needless to say, there hasn't been anything else. I have about a dozen applications out at the moment so I am playing the waiting game. I check the job boards every morning and then I don't do a lot. Sux to be me!  I went through my fotos and picked out 3 random shots so this wouldn't be as boring. This yellow rose was perfect. Full bloom and smelled divine. I have had 2 rose bushes, no wait, 3 in my life. I ripped the one out of my Terrace home cuz it took over the porch. My Garland house had one I ignored and it eventually gave up and died. And here in Tree-town we have one out back. It was wildly out of control so I trimmed it down to nothing. Damn thing keeps growing.  
 This is a foto of the most expensive car, sticker wise I have ever bought. It was a 96 Bronco and they were closing them out. They dropped the line in favor of the Expedition. It listed at like almost 29k and I got it for 21k. Too bad it had to be sold to move to Colorado. It was an accident magnet anyway. People like to run into it. This foto was taken on a trip to Colorado. It was a sweet ride. Kinda wish I still had it. It had a 351 Windsor in it and they would run forever. Oh, the good old days. It really wasn't that good off road but it was a dream to drive. Just to show how loaded it was, my 08 Wrangler listed for 22k. Oh well. 
I believe this is a foto of the road going out of Silverton towards Animas Forks. I have no idea when it was taken but it got chosen so look and enjoy. Please? LOL. I have been trying to think of a way to make money using my website. The damn thing is finally taking off. The first year I had 3900 visitors and transferred 7.83 GB. The second year I totaled 9300 new visitors and transferred almost 29 GB. That's great but.... this year so far I have had 8400 new visitors, but..... my transferred rate is at 79.5 GB. This means that people are actually spending more time reading what is there and going through pages. I used to get like .05% that stayed on for and hour. The rate now is up to almost 15%. That is a huge increase. The object now is how to make money on it. I tried using Amazon featuring the gear we use as well as books and other stuff. Didn't get a single click. So I am trying to figure out a way to make money. Any suggestions will be accepted. I did add a new page today as well as new fotos to Gold Hill. I went through my foto album and scanned them into my laptop. As I have said before, digital cameras are awesome. The biggest problem when I started all this was film price and developing costs. I had to be selective on my shots back then and make each one count. Now, I don't give a shit and shoot like there is no tomorrow. But, I am still a firm believer that film takes better fotos! I also don't believe in Photoshop. I admit to using the foto program on here to crop and do minor adjustments like taking a crooked foto and making it strait, but I don't go in and change colors or stuff like that. So, are you bored yet? As I looked through my site today I realized that I have been to a lot of places. Funny thing is that most of them are here in Utah, followed by Colorado and then Nevada, California and Arizona. Oh, and Idaho. I would love to revisit a few of these places with the digital camera and build my library of fotos. Old Frisco would be a place to return to as well as my my new page today on Sulphurdale. Hopefully one day I will be able to go back before it is too late and the cool stuff is gone. Jeep on my friends! 

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