Saturday, October 7, 2017

A Few Hours of Fun.........

 Finally. Today I was given a reprieve of my "stay off your damn leg" sentence for a few hours. Needless to say I took advantage of it and got the hell out of Dodge. Now, this freedom came in the afternoon so there wasn't a lot of choices on where to escape to but with it being fall, we headed up Logan Canyon to the Temple Flat trail. This used to be a real kick ass trail years ago. Fact of the matter is I had to be winched back up on the trail many moons ago after a driver error. Since those days, the government has come in and totally changed the whole trail system in the valley. If you go back a few years, you can read about me bitching that they had made the trail so nice that cars were now driving where we once played. 
 Not anymore. I think if you had a crossover type vehicle and you paid really close attention, you could get it into Old Ephriam's Grave. Heaven forbid if it  gets wet tho, you will not make it. Needless to say they haven't maintained the road since then it looks like so unless you have some good ground clearance, I'd stay out of there. The hills were packed with all sorts of people. Hunting season has started so they were everywhere. Now I am not sure what big game hunt is going right now, but we ran into a lot of bird hunters searching for the elusive Grouse. And elusive they are. No one we saw had shot anything. 
 I honestly think that the population in the mountains east of Logan is higher than Tremonton. I mean there were trailers everywhere. They ranged from the little pop-up tent trailers to the "they cost more than my house did" type. Every flat piece of ground down on the valley bottoms were full. I don't really know if I would camp in a pop up this late in the season. The bed areas are basically mosquito netting open tents 3 feet off the ground. You would have to have a very nice sleeping bag to stay warm in one of those. And honestly, I don't know if they are waterproof if it would happen to rain. Now, the huge ass mansions on wheels would be nice to stay in. They have forced air heating, tubs, showers, queen size beds, home theaters and more. Its like being at home, away from home. It would be nice to have one. Oh, and a nice truck to pull it. Since we are dreaming, might as well throw in a few good horses and mules to make the hunt even easier. 
I remember years ago when I went with my father. He had a 64 Chev half ton with an old shell on it. It was only 2 wheel drive so we never got too high up  on the mountain. Eventually he got an old trailer that was a wee bit more comfy and warm that made it better. Our last hunt was in the early 90's. He had a nicer trailer but still was stuck in his 2 wheel drive Chev. So I drove up my Ford 4x4 and we stayed down low in the trailer and used the Ford to hunt high on the mountain. Those were good old days. Jeep on my friends!

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