Saturday, October 28, 2017

Round 4593932 of Bitching About Something

Good evening,
As you can see there are no fotos tonight. I know I am being lazy, hold on, let me think. I know which one I will use! OK I really need to learn how to add fotos after the fact. Anyway, I will be on my soapbox again tonight so if you are easily offended, too bad!
Above you see a foto of the parents and the grandson. Friday, the parents were out shopping and both of them fell in the parking lot of a major store. Mom went down first and Dad went down, tripping over Mom. She hit her head really hard and he was able to get his arm out and his thumb took the brunt of the fall. So, being the stubborn people they are, after the paramedics were done the said they would drive themselves to the hospital. So they end up at Ogden Regional in the ER. Dad gets 6 stitches in his thumb and Mom gets a CT Scan. During the scan the doctors notice an aneurysm in my mothers brain. They decided they were done playing and shipped Mom off to University of Utah Hospital. I head down and we finally find her in the NCCU unit where only 2 people can go in at a time. I go last because I am spending the night with her. Shes got like 4 different IV bags feeding into her arm, but despite the hows and whys of being there, she is rather cheerful. By the time its my turn its like 10ish. I did think ahead and brought my charger so I can entertain myself through the night. I did finish reading White Fang but lets not get off the subject. NOW, I should have known better because we all know I pretty much live down there, but the lady is 86 years old. She needs to rest after the day she has had. Nope, didn't happen. Not even close. Every hour, someone would come in and wake her up and begin to ask her questions like who she was, why she was there, and what day it was etc etc. I know, you are all saying well that is protocol. OK I can believe it. But come on. It happened 9 times between 10pm and 6am. On top of that, 3 sets of blood tests. Then at 7, the social worker comes in and here comes the questions again. I blew. I am like, "look, she has had this done every hour including 10 minutes ago. Let her rest for hell's sake." Of course I get a lecture on protocol and Mom gets mad blah blah blah. To add icing on the cake, she began to do eating tests. They make you swallow water like you're chuggin' a beer. Mom tells the lady that she can't do that due to a medical condition that she names. The lady freaks out and says basically that some one will have to come in and verify that. I'm like seriously?????? She was. In comes another lady and they go thru eating and swallowing drills, for lack of a better word. Mom has had it for 20 years and........ I was totally blown away. To add insult to injury, she goes thru the same damn questions again. I lose it and get 2 more lectures. So, she brings in different types of food for the tests. Mom chooses and they get her to eat it and then after 2 spoonfuls, she tosses it in the garbage, along with the other Item Mom didn't choose. Again, why are you throwing it away. Because I can. Why don't you leave it and maybe Mom or myself will snack on it later. NOPE! I do not give anything away. To me, this is a major waste of perfectly good food. Mom could always eat the rest at a later time and why in the hell do  you throw away an unopened container of good food??? Needless to say I left the room. Every nurse, CNA or basically everyone else but that bitch would bring me and my niece stuff if we asked. Ice water or soda.... no problem. This hag wouldn't wouldn't even get a cup of ice. I asked the room nurse when I was out in the hall if I could get some ice. He point to a door and says its in there. By the time we left, I was just like "what a bunch of morons!" It was then that I realized that I was just like my Dad. Stupid little things like that drive him nuts too. It made me smile. Anyway, the Doctor decided that the aneurysm isn't big enough to worry about. They told her to come see them in a year but not to take any type of headache lightly. He also moved her out of that unit into a general room for tonight so hopefully they wont be bothering her as much tonight. After any type of injury or trauma, rest is important. But as well all know, you don't get that in a hospital. Jeep on my friends!

ps. My damn leg is still way swollen. My guess of November first is not going to happen..... 

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